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Friday, May 20, 2005

Soliloquy in Smithereens

Saw Godard's Masculin, Feminin on the big screen last night, a special event at the art cinema in town and a real treat despite the fact that they had a crappy, scratchy print with several brief gaps and my mood was largely spoiled by an unannounced, longish, vapid & pretentious lecture by a woman from the local cine-club before the film.

Anyway, the film was great (this was probably my fourth time seeing it, but the last time was several years ago) and yet I left with this slightly disappointed feeling as I remembered there having been some poignant follow-up at the end to the hero recording the spoken-word testament to his lady love on vinyl in the middle, but it seemed to be absent from this print. Or was it an hallucination to begin with? Could someone who knows the film better than I (Jim or Small Man, perhaps) fill me in?


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Small Man said...

I don't recall it, but I haven't seen the film for ages.

I saw 2046 last night! It's fantastic.

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous jimeye said...

somehow I missed this blog because when I read it before I was drunk. but no there was no follow up, he dies and they type up his death and then the title comes up and they shoot out the letters of masculine/femine until it reads fin. actually saw a pretty beautiful print here in New York about a month ago. Or maybe it was more than that, I lose track of time all the time nowadays. that happen to you? Half the day today I thought it was Tuesday and of course as I write these lines it actually is Tuesday but I was a little ahead of myself. Star Wars was a video game. There I said it, I won't go any further. I want to see 2046. Nights of Cabiria is playing at Film Forum. Wonder if it holds up? At least in my present state of mind because I know that it will always hold up on a certain level but now at this moment will it touch me the same way it always has in the past? After all life is change.


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