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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Red-Letter Day

This is my kind of day. And somehow I knew it would be. A great many of the things I love just somehow stacked up in place: overcast sky with light but persistent rain; colorful street theater in spite of the rain (the Polytechnic students are having their Juvenalia which seems to involve, besides drinking, parading around downtown in a glorious array of bizarre costumes: if you've seen Antonioni's Blow-Up, think of the zany mimes at the beginning and end of the film, except that the mimes, being mimes, were raucous but not loud [the students sing and shout loudly, with contagious good cheer]; there are joker caps, a red flag, people dressed as priests, doctors, madmen, mothers, etc., extravagantly stuffed brassieres, people on stilts, the whole nine yards); unexplained but blissfully uninterrupted absence of the boss at work; my friend Bogdan worked the door and security, not the slightly sketchy young man, Tadek's replacement, who was scheduled; I had a nice round of productive and enjoyable classes, beginning at the civilized hour of 9:40 AM and all over by 2 PM; and to top it off I'm close to finishing a book by my favorite author, Patricia Highsmith, but still have enough pages to go that I don't yet have that sense of grieving and desperation that comes just before the end. So far, a nearly perfect day. Now I'm off to eat a quick lunch at Frykas (Fricassee), a modest milk bar on my favorite street, Wieczorka Street, and then tutor a nice lady in exchange for free internet.

One of those days where you just gotta savour the mystery and splendour of it all.


At 11:36 AM, Anonymous benstraw said...

extravagantly stuffed brassieres sound quite humerous indeed...

say, what is jimmy's new blog, he told me he set up an anonymous one, but he won't tell me what it is because he may use it to write about me!

if you know the url, shoot it out to me.

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